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Post  Tasaim on Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:40 pm

Wall Guard,

My name is Tasaim. I was born in Murandy. My parents died when I was a young boy,
so life was hard on me. I had to use all of my skills to survive. I was wrongly branded
as a flirter, or you may say womenizer. I can tell you this is not me. Telling a women she
is beautiful is simply speaking the truth. And if you offer her assistance, well I see
no harm in that. But word spreads and I was branded. And I say I was wrongly branded because,
I am not what they say. I live to fight the Dark and those filthy Invaders. That is my life.
I am a nice guy. Dont have luck in love, since the love of my live is married to another,
so I fight the dark even more!

I have seen many clans, and many people that are members of those clans, but so far I hae not
seen a clan that suits me, besides Wall Guard. The Wall Guard fights the Dark and the Invaders
and wisely does not interfer with sameside wars. Which suits me all the more. Last but not least
I respect all the clan members of the Wall Guard. They are nice and fearsom bunch!

Hopefully you will let me be a part of this great clan.

Walk in the Light.

Tasaim from Murandy.


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