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Greetings to the Wall Guard,

My name is Exider Grimson, some call me The Black Grim.

I come from a small little village called Watch Hill, in the Two Rivers area of Andor. My up bringing was met with tragedy. My father would go up to Baerlon and help guard merchant trains, he loved his job because of all the traveling it let him do, he saw the world, and the tales he would tell inspired me and my brothers. I was the youngest of five, we were a terrible burden on our poor mother and aunt (who lived with us because her husband had lost his life fighting to bring the last False Dragon to heel) always fighting and rough housing.

But one day while I was 17, my life changed. I had been spending the growing season with a cousin who owns the Devon Ride Livery as a stable hand. I came home late one evening wanting to see my father off before he left to guard the merchant trains, and as I walked up the road I found my older brother Calverit dead on the side of the road, he was badly burned but I knew it him by the medallion he wore all the time. So I ran to the farm house to discover it's roof missing and the door laid shattered. I walked in to find my entire family slaughtered and my aunt sobbing in the corner, i screamed at her what happen she told me 'Your brother has gone mad, he did this, with the One Power!' those words sent a chill down my spine, and then my Father went flying though the air, hitting the wall with a sickening thud, he was wearing his guards armorer and dropped his sword when he hit the wall. I knew my father was dead before he hit the wall. And then in walked in my oldest brother Crand, the air around him seemed to sizzle with the power he now let loose on his family he looked at me with a vicious smile and said 'Exider, I'm glad you could make it home little brother'

I knew then I was as good as dead. He raised his hand and I just stared at him, but then my Aunt screamed. He reacted to her scream in horror, he looked at his Aunt as if she was some terrible monster, when he had just murdered his whole family and was about to kill his youngest brother. He erupted in tears and fright and ran to the corner calling to me 'Save me Exider, what is that monster? Don't let it get me!'. I didn't waste my chance, I picked up my father's sword and walked over to my brother, he couldn't raise his head he was in such fright, I was about to lose my nerve he was so scared and helpless. Then he raised his head and laughed with such wickedness and evil I think it was the Dark One himself looking at me from Crand's dark eyes. I swung my dead father's sword, and took my brother's head off with one swing sending his head still with his wicled laugh etched on his face to land in my hysterical's Aunt's lap. That sight caused her to run from the house, within the hour the entire village knew what happened at the Grimson's family's house. My Aunt thought me to be a channeling monster just like my older Brother. The Villagers gave me then a new name that night of The Black Grim. I knew I was no longer safe or welcomed at Watch Hill and I left.

I do not hate the One Power, or my Brother, it was not his fault. But I do know how dangerous it is, and never want anything to do with it. That is how I came to find and call Far Madding home. I am a new resident to the city, but I love it here, and I would like to build a life for myself and raise a family in Far Madding. And I am looking for a job, and I want to follow in my father's footsteps and become a guard. So I hope you will give me a chance to prove my worth to the Wall Guard, and to Far Madding.

Thank you for your consideration,

Exider 'Black' Grimson


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