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Post  Tyrus on Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:27 am

*A short and skinny man enters the requitment office in Far Madding. With a big eyes he quickly scans the room and then starts toward a man he thinks is in charge there.*

Hello! I'm Tyrus! I'm here to join the Wall Guard.
I have started to love the great city of Far Madding and seem to have found my second home here. I'm originally from Two Rivers,
but when I got old enough I wanted to go travelling and see the world, just like in the books!!
After some nasty months on the road and seeing all the danger out there I arrived to Far Madding. A city on the island seemed so
peaceful and safe, so I stayed here. I think I will be a good member, because I care about this city and its lands a lot. I help
friendly farmers out, milk their cows and even make cheese from the milk!!! *grins widely* I'm not that great when it comes fighting
or using my weapon, but I'm willing to die for Far Madding and their people.
I hope you give me a chance and let me join the Wall Guard.

*Tyrus writes his name and address widely on the application, smiles at the officer and stalks out of the room.*

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