The Laws of Far Madding.

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The Laws of Far Madding.

Post  Tolveor_Deschain on Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:59 pm

These are the current laws of Far Madding, and everyone should be aware of them.

Crimes include:

1. Any direct attack upon one of the Wall Guards. This includes anyone with Wall Guard or Apprentice to Wallguard in their title.

2. Assisting Shadowspawn, Darkfriends, Seanchan, Seanchansworn, or anyone already wanted in Far Madding.

3. Harming any citizens within our boundaries. Anyone killing or attempting to kill an innocent mob within our boundaries is considered a Criminal. For example: Anyone found attacking any shop keeper in Glancor.

4. Attacking innocent travelers on their way through Far Madding.

5. Stealing from a Wall Guard.

6. Wielding weapon within our City boundaries. The city boundaries expands to each checkpoint outside gates. Jail time may occur.

7. Attacking or killing Cats within our city boundaries. This will probably lead to expulsion from the territory.


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