The Territorial Borders of Far Madding.

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The Territorial Borders of Far Madding.

Post  Tolveor_Deschain on Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:16 pm

Hear ye! Hear ye!

A reminder to all who walk in the Light!

The Counsel of Far Madding claim jurisdiction in all the lands immediatley surrounding Far Madding! (1 zone from each gate of Far Madding)

By thier will the Wall Guard protect the lands north of Caemlyn Gate to 'The Far Madding Road'! (e s of Wretch chief ent)
From Illian Gate to the south west to the north part of the Maredo plains called 'Road through the plains'! (1n of 'Trail bordered by shrubs')
From Tear Gate to the south east to 'Between two hills'!

The lands of Far Madding also includes the lake hills east of the city of Far Madding!

Hear ye! Hear ye!


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