A few words for the apprentice.

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A few words for the apprentice.

Post  Tolveor_Deschain on Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:00 pm

As a Wall Guard, your first duty is to protect the First Counsel Aleis Barsalla. It is also nice if you make it a habbit of bowing/curtesying to her, as well as saluting Captain Gazar when you see him. This will at least seem slightly RPish, and you never know who is watching...

Your next duty is to your fellow Wall Guard. You are not Wall Guards as of yet, but I would like to hold you to the same standards when it comes to the fellowship we are (still) creating. Help where you can, ask questions, and have a general nice attitude. Duties to your fellow Wall Guard includes projecting an image of Far Madding that we want to project and ill come back to this.

Areas of Interest (Fighting).
The City is important to know of course. If there should be fighting inside the city it is nice to know where to find the patties, what patties chase (like the Illian checkpoint one), perma-dark rooms inside the city and so on.

Next up is Glancor. Learn this area. So Glancor is north of Far Madding and includes a few shops, a low level inn and a butcher who loads coin and is a frequent target for all kinds of rubble. There is a bow room just southeast of Glancor. So if you have a bow you can target and shoot. This is nice if your more than one though. Glancor also have a wisdom house which is nohide, but have a door. Hopefully we will get a wisdom living there soon.

Just north of Glancor is a Farm with a well, a gray load, and a perma dark room in the basement(fade spot). Its also the starting point of the Cheese side trade, so if you are making cheese be wary of this. The farm has some doors and can be a deathtrap easily as fades can easily get backup in there.

Theres one more point pk wise that is good to know for now, and that is the waygate east of Far Madding. Although nobody seems to use it these days. Of course its good to have a general idea of the lay out of both the sourrounding areas of Far Madding and Andor from Caemlyn to WB fade. Andor is most likely where you are going to get most of your pk unless you have a weak spot for either Fal Dara or Almoth (knows it really well)

Your route patrolling will be taught you by whoever you apprentice to, but i will list some checkpoints here.
- Starting out in the city.
- Glancor- butcher + other shops.
- Waygate - east of city
- Where Blodfest camp loads - SE of city
- Down to Tear Fade and Tear Bandits (optional but bandits load mirrored lanterns for barrel in square, and nice to check for tracks)
- Maredo plains- Aylia
- East Gate Lugard
- Village of Daigan- SW of city south of Illian Gate.

Visitors, Outsiders and the Image of Far Madding.
- Far Maddings image is per today Neutrality as far as that goes. Sometime we have to take a stand, but if difficult situations occur(preferably not by you) Id like you to refer folks to a higher ranking Wall Guard.
- Be polite to visitors, but firm if they break the laws. No fighting is to occur inside the city at any time.
- Learn where the pracs are normally located and what their names is. This is mostly for the sake of visitors.
- Also fill barrel with lanterns and meat. Lanterns can be gotten from either tear bandits on tear road, or the hillmen south east of whitebridge.

- Salute your higher ranking Wall Guards. If you are grouped with other Wall Guards, the highest ranking should salute. This makes it more tidy.

If you have any questions and there is nobody on to answer them feel free to post them on this thread.

Tolveor Deschain, Wall Guard Council


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