Iron Bars and Herbs

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Iron Bars and Herbs

Post  Kerienne on Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:31 pm

"Pssst. You! Commere."

A tall blonde woman with cunning brown eyes crooks her finger toward you from the square. You feel compelled to move toward her.

"You look like the sort who can get what I need."

She pauses to peer around the fountain with one hand poised above the hilt of a massive club hanging from her belt.

"I need iron, lot's of it. I'll pay a pretty penny for each bar you get me. I'll also take any herbs off your hands....what?" She peers at your noticably confused expression. "You know..herbs...those green things that grow out of the ground..." Rolling her eyes in your direction she pulls out a couple of specimens from a velvet pouch at her side. "There's roots like this one's a sunburst root...and leaves like this dogwort here..and bark...berries...beans....those are especially valuable."

Suddenly a dainty finger pokes you in the chest. "Don't you go tryin to short me on this deal now. You won't like the consequences." The tall woman turns sharply away from you. You catch a glimpse of a golden fist on her cloak and shiver.

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