Introduction post Bhaalon

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Introduction post Bhaalon

Post  Bhaalon on Sun Jul 13, 2008 3:44 pm

(OOC: post altered since it does not meet the application requirements and most part of the story is not necessary. For Wall Guard members who wish to read the story for evaluation or for any other reason, please pm me and I will provide you the former version

I hope to be a representation of the Wall Guard if I am accepted as an apprentice and to give you a good impression of Bhaalon)

Dear members of the great Wall Guard,

my name is Bhaalon and with this letter I would like to express my wish and hope in being accepted as an apprentice of the Wall Guard.

I was born in Arafel but raised in Amadica. I have lived there for many years and worked hard on a farm with my mother and some sisters and brothers. I left Amadicia and later left for Tar Valon. In Tar Valon I was a trader for a short period of time before the urge came to go to Far Madding. I like the woods, but feel at home in a city.

After living here for some time, I think it is my duty to protect the valuas of where Far Madding stands for. I value and like the people of Far Madding and believe it is the basis of the world I know.

The Wall Guard are soldiers with a just cause and a good heart, with skills I have not seen before. I am not sure if I have the talent to be one, but I would rather die trying than never knowing if I would have....

I would like to learn and be a brick on where the foundation of this nation builds upon.

Hoping that this letter would give answers for the questions asked, but if there are any questions do not hesitate to ask them,

yours truly



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