Mini-Quests for Applicants

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Mini-Quests for Applicants

Post  Sirrion on Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:33 pm

Here are a couple of small quests for applicants that should help you get to know Far Madding and the surrounding area. Enjoy!

1.Make some cheese and give it to the rich merchant in far madding, the farmers in glancor and daigan should be able to help you if you ask about cheese (the items needed can usually be found relativly close to far madding).

2.There is a Waygate east of Far Madding find it please.

3.Tharal Karvuim would like some healall root, you should be able to find some on the maredo plains.

4.There are old blankets lying around in glancor bring one to the seamstress of the silver thimble tailor and see if she can do something with them.

5.Mistress Gallager needs new ingredients, bring her a potatoe, a carrot, a melon and some calf meat (i.e. scalp a calf).

6.And old bandit has been living on maredo for a while now please remove him and bring Captain Gazar his scalp as proof.

7.There is a powerful magical artifact on the plains of maredo please find out it's location.

8.Having a couple of lanterns in the barrel is always nice, the group of thieves living on tear road should be able to help you supply the barrel with lights.

9.The Armorer wants to know the what items are needed to make leather straps, supposedly there lives an old woman north-east of south bridge who is knowledgeable about leather.

10.The crier is always looking for volunteers to do some odd jobs, why don't you ask him about some tasks.

11.There are rooms in and around Far Madding which just don't get much light (i.e. darkrooms [7 total]), please find them.

12.The Stableman from the clean stable yard needs someone to track down the rooms where horses can generally found
(find horse loads [3 total]).

13.Our local lumberjacks need someone to check if there is still work to do around far madding (find tree loads around fm and maredo [7 total]).

14.The Illuminator Assistant requires a certain kind of fungus that has been growing somewhere on the maredo plains, please bring him a sample.

15.A burly lumberjack tends to wander around somewhere close to Far Madding, please track him down.

16.Please find spots in the city (and around it) that give better vision and make shooting things with bows possible (find watchrooms [4 total])).

17.A family living somewhere in Daigan has been smuggling wine through customs, please find out who and bring proof of the crime to Captain Gazar.

18.In Far Madding live three men that are particularly skilled in their own respective fields, please find them and narrow down the area where they wander around(find practice trainers and figure out in which areas they roam).


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