A Message to Applicants

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A Message to Applicants

Post  Cris on Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:08 am

Your application has been accepted and is being considered. One of the more important tasks of an Applicant is to meet as many Wall Guards as possible, your chances of being noticed will be improved by including {Wall Guard Applicant} in your title. However this does not mean that members of the Wall Guard will actively seek you, that is your job. If unable to talk to someone face to face, we advise you send a mail and arrange a time that is suitable for you both to meet. An Applicant must strive to learn as much about Far Madding as possible, there are some areas that are paticularly important;

-The borders of Far Madding lands
-The village of Glancor
-The area to the east of the city
-The Waygate
-The plains of Maredo and Daigan village.
-The Portal Stone
-The criminal know as Aylia
-The location of important shops and the layout inside the city.
-The location of prac's inside the city.
-All rooms that are constantly in darkness in and around the city
-All rooms that you are able to watch a large area from.

A strong knowledge of these areas is a requirement for joining.

In the Light

Cris Diasha'mon
Wall Guard Council


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