I want to do my part

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I want to do my part

Post  Sirrion on Mon Dec 07, 2009 11:33 pm

I'm Sirrion Mondoran from the Two Rivers, Emonds Field to be exact.
I'm pretty new to adventuring but i traveled far and wide and explored a lot of the world. One thing that always amazes me are the size of those giant monuments of human civilisation named cities before i left my home i thought Bealorn was huge. I explored and informed myself about many cities in the world. One of those cities was Far Madding, I found Far Madding very interesting because it's a little like home, it's neutrality and it's peacefulness, something Emonds Field sadly lost since the Seanchan started to invade my village although thanks to the Red Eagles we aren't forced to swear the oaths so no worries there. So to come to the point I want to be part of Far Madding and to be more exact those that protect it, I offer the Wall Guard myself, everything I own and a willingness to learn.
Sirrion Mondoran


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