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Applicant Tariim

Post  Tariim on Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:22 am

A quite figure slowly entries a recruitment office, the large man sitting behind the desk intimidating at first, eyes peering deeply weighing and measuring all that enter. Slowly but with confidence this young man approaches the wide wooden desk. Quickly he draws from a dark cloak a thick letter of rich parchment weighed down with a thick red seal. The recruitment officer with a thick hand takes the letter, with a sharp SNAP breaks the seal….and reads.

Good day to the Wall Guard and all that serve them. I Tariim du Sang of Altara, raised of a Far Madding mother fathered by a Altara father, respectfully request entry into the Wall Guard. I have frequently visited the fair city of Far Madding and have come to realize one thing. Far Madding is truly the center of the world were all can be one and equal . Where the idyllic island in which it rest serves as a model to all that travel though or know of its name. I Tariim du Sang, respectfully ask for application into the Wall Guards.

I have spent many long days in the lands surrounding Far Madding, learning. I swear to be a faithful servant of Far Madding, to its people Lords, Ladies and its Leaders. I have often visited Far Madding and found it to be the center of safety and direction for all that travel through it. I still struggle to learn and find my way in this world, but am willing to be tutored and taught in ways to fight all that threaten Far Madding and surrounding peaceful lands.

Looking up from the parchment, the recruitment officer weighs this young man carefully He notices his spear to handled carelessly, but still manage's a degree of purpose and focus. His scales weigh and measure a rare diamond in the rough. But that’s, for the Wall Guards themselves to decide as he places the note atop the stack beside him….before he can inform the young man his message will be passed on..he notices the empty room before him….

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